SwatchSolid Waste Management in Chiplun                               Clean Kiran Vihar Sankul                                    

Clean and Beautiful Chiplun

Globally the human waste becomes a major threat to poisoning natural resources all over the world due to our mismanagement and open disposal of waste. In India, the concept of waste and its management at the household level has always been considered someone else’s responsibility which led to create the mountains of the Waste at many places. This landfill led poisoning our natural resource water air and land.

Since 1992 Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra is in Biodiversity conservation in Maharashtra. SNM observed from last many years the increasing garbage and landfills across Chiplun contaminating natural resources air, water and an adverse impact of garbage on wildlife and biodiversity become the major issues in conservation and health of the environment which is directly connected to the human Population health.

We initiated waste management with the aim of Clean and Beautiful Chiplun City. We aimed to manage this waste at the source household and society level through segregating wet and dry waste. Wet biodegradable waste converted into the compost and Non-Biodegradable waste segregated and issued to recycle to achieve Zero waste at the source level. Reduce landfill and pollution resources from the environment to maintain ecological balance in nature for the well-being of Humanity.

October 2019 we have started on the groundwork for Solid Waste Management in Chiplun through the following Activity:

Education and Awareness – Meetings, and training workshops for community and household individual level. Education, competitions, mini waste management project in Educational institution

Waste management Activity

  • Household Small composting Bin
  • Household Big composting Bin
  • Society composting Bin