Veer is a small idyllic village which looks as if it's been painted from the utopian imagination of some skilled painter.  Contact: Mr. Ajit Virkar 9309966420 

Right from the Veer waterfall, which is set with the lush green mountains as a backdrop, to the small gurgling streams in which you can spend many a peaceful hour with feet submerged in chilled fresh water, to the canopy of "Supari" (betlenut) orchards which hide the small abodes built within with occasional flashes of an azure sky, or endless hours of exploring it's diverse flaura and fauna; Veer is like the musical climax achieved at the end of a long crescendo.


Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra has always created alternated livelihood options for the locals through its various nature conservation programs. With an aim to involve more people in the nature conservation work and also give its direct benefits to locals Sahyadri has encouraged few families at Veer to participate in homestay. 

You can explore nature under the watchful eye of seasoned naturalists. You can gasp in wonder as workmen jump from the top of one betlenut tree directly to the top of another in a feat of dexterity. You can climb up a coconut tree using a ladder and pick coconuts yourself (don't worry it's quite safe) and quite literally enjoy the fruits of your labour and also give an opportunity to local artists and artisans to display their skills and trades. 

To experience true “Atithi Devo Bhav:”, to meet villagers to understand their life and create a friendly environment through such sharing do visit Veer. The homestay arrangement offers  the food and accommodation through the houses of locals rather than providing separate rooms. Every house can accommodate about 8-10 people. Bonding of metro tourists with the village through such experiences and creating more options for locals to earn their livelihood is the aim of developing homestay at Veer.


Contact:  Ajit Virkar 9309966420, Kedar Virkar 9422452626, Deepak Virkar 9405882116