Choravane Homestay   

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Choravane is a village in Sahyadri mountain ranges and blessed by Mother Nature with rich floral and faunal diversity. The fascinating scenery of Western Ghat covered by thick layer of greenery makes village perfect place to spend a lot of time to relax with marvelous music of exclusive bird life of the Western Ghat. Choravane is having many places to hang around including beautiful nature trails with the local guides having miraculous knowledge of local biodiversity, the temple of the local goddess is an amazing example of architecture, completely built with basalt rock and carved amazingly by skilled labors from south India which briefs you the cultural richness of village. Lord Nageshwar temple attracts people from all age group for its cultural, devotional aspects and as a popular trek due to its height of 3500 feet. Annually, lots of Trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts visit the village for the trek to Nageshwar. Nageshwar is an important resting point while trekking to Vasota fort from Choravane village. Choravane has one more benefit of having placed in Western Ghat, the tremendous amount of monsoon rain creates so many mesmerizing waterfalls carving basaltic terrain making the place perfect for monsoon destination.

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra is developing sustainable tourism in Choravane village to provide alternative livelihood to the locals. As a part of it, the Home Stay service is now available in Choravane village. Accommodation in sweetly simple houses with delicious local cuisines will give you unique experience of village life. This will also help you to know more about the rural lifestyle. To visit the various places in a village like Nageshwar temple or to participate in nature trail, a guide cum attendant is also available. To provide the best services, homestay owners are trained in order to Housekeeping, Communication skills, Safety of the tourists and hospitality.

What to see?


Nageshwar is a cave underneath the mountaintop. There is an old basaltic structure of Lord Nageshwar temple. With the height of 3500 feet, it becomes Vaishno Devi of Maharashtra. It takes 2-3 hours to reach on top. In the trek, you can see the mesmerizing beauty of Konkan. Nageshwar is having a natural water source most of the year, thus it is having importance in Vasota fort trek.

Vasota fort

Vasota is an ancient forest fort situated near Nageshwar on height approx. 4200 feet. The fort is situated on a hilltop and covered by thick forest. Vasota is having a huge amount of flora and fauna. Leopard, Sloth bears, Indian Gaur etc. found in the fort area, the presence of these animals indicates the biodiversity richness of the fort. Trek to Vasota fort starts from Choravane village with a halt at Nageshwar temple. Guide cum attendant is available In Choravane village with reasonable costs.

Nature trail

Choravane village is rich in floral and faunal biodiversity with moist deciduous forests of Western Ghat. Hundreds of herbs, orchids, and giant trees of Arjuna can be seen in the forest of Choravane. So many exclusive bird species which are endemic to Western Ghat found in Choravane. To experience this beauty, local guides having traditional knowledge are available who will guide you to explore the biodiversity of the jungle of Choravane.

Monsoon tourism

A tremendous amount of rainfall carves the basaltic structures of Sahyadri Mountain and creates amazing waterfalls to add desert in the dish named Choravane. In the monsoon season, all things change magically. The rough terrain of Sahyadri dons green layers along with milky waterfalls everywhere. In post-monsoon season you can explore hundreds of orchids, butterflies,

and birds like oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, blue-winged parakeet which is a big attraction for bird lovers. The monsoon in Choravane will refresh you and will connect you to your inner soul.