Nisargadhan Konkanche by Ram Mone (cover page)

Nisargadhan Konkanche by Ram Mone (back cover)
Back cover

Nisargadhan Konkanche

Author : Ram Vasudeo Mone
3, Anu Apartment, Markandi, Chiplun 415605

Publisher : Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, Chiplun

Language : Marathi

Price and Pages

Price : Rs. 350/-

Pages : 160

Book Information

ISBN : 9788193628706

Edition : Third

Volume : One

Size : 5.5" X 8.5"

Book version : Paperback

Paper and Printing: Art card paper with four color printing


This book is perfect to get an introduction to the rich biodiversity of Konkan for the layman as well as for nature lovers, students and tourists, and will also effectively create awareness for nature conservation among them.

Book Brief Description

Nisargadhan Konkanche is a field guide for various nature components from Konkan region. The book covers more than 290 species of birds, flora (common trees, shrubs, climbers, mangroves, orchids), and snakes with their photographs. Details are provided such as their Marathi, English and Scientific names, sizes, habitat preferences, identification keys, uses of flora etc. The book includes a list of 60 common animals and insects found in the Konkan region like frogs, butterflies, lizards etc.