• Clean and Beautiful Chiplun - SNM observed from last many years the increasing garbage and landfills across Chiplun contaminating natural resources air, water and an adverse impact of garbage on wildlife and biodiversity become the major issues in conservation, and health of the environment which is directly connected to the human Population health. In April 2019 SNM aim to Clean and Beautiful Chiplun. SNM team had educated and provided training to 6 societies about waste management. SNM regularly observing and monitoring 6 Societies garbage waste and their segregation at source level.

SNM had provided Compost bin and culture to the societies to convert Biodegradable waste into the compost at source level.

SNM from the second week of December 2019 start initial phase in 69 blocks of Society in Chiplun to Make Garbage free society.

The individual who intends to volunteer for SNM should be committed to the following:

  • Be dependable, recognizing the commitment and responsibility to his/her volunteer assignment(s)
  • Accept assignment(s) consistent to his/her interest, abilities and time availability
  • Accept assignment(s) with open mind and a willingness to learn
  • Accept feedback from his/her supervisor and other project staff from the organization in order to do the best job possible
  • Avoid conflict of interest situations and refrain from actions that may be perceived such. Volunteers should reveal any potential or actual conflicts of interest as they arise.
  • Not accept tips, request meals to be paid for, or otherwise accept payment for his/her volunteer work from any third person or any third party
  • Address ethical concerns by speaking directly with the colleague/responder with whom he/she has the concern; and when necessary, report such to his/her leader in the defined chain of command
  • The volunteer should treat all individuals with a sense of dignity and respect. The volunteer should not in any way be judgmental towards cultural differences, living conditions and life-styles of each of the person with whom he/she works.
  • Avoid profane and abusive language and disruptive behavior that is dangerous to self and others
  • Abstain from the use of photo, audio or video recording equipment unless authorized
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which he/she gets exposed while serving as the volunteer, whether this information involves a single staff, volunteer, client or any other person.
  • Not preach anyone or pressure anyone to accept his/hers political, cultural or religious beliefs
  • Respect and use all equipment appropriately and as required for the assignment.
  • Avoid smoking of cigarettes/bidis and chewing of paan masala/ tobacco and drinking liquor while working with SNM
  • Abstain from any illegal activity
  • Wear required identification and clothing. All items of clothing must be suitable for the work environment and should not contain offensive or objectionable material (slogans or graphics)
  • Follow safe workplace practices, including participation in applicable education sessions, using appropriate personal safety equipment and reporting accidents, injuries, and unsafe situations
  • Report suspicious activities to his/her supervisor
  • Recognize that he/she has a responsibility to adhere to the rules and procedures of the agency. Failure to do so or failure to satisfactorily perform his/her volunteer assignment(s) may cause him/her to be subject to dismissal.




I volunteered with SNM during the month of April, 2018. The people here were very cordial and amiable. I settled in swiftly. I got to learn about all the ongoing projects, and was constantly involved with all of them. During the field work, I got an opportunity to meet the locals regarding the pangolin project, aside from setting up camera traps and awareness boards. During office days, I worked on preparing reports, working on the website and some self-study thanks to the vast array of books available. Mr. Bhau, the president was very humble and assisted me with all my doubts. He also took my suggestions in the end. In all, it was a very enjoyable and learning experience at the same time in a very serene and peaceful city of Chiplun. If you wish to learn from a career point of view, or just want to donate a part of your time in crucial conservation work, this is a perfect opportunity.

- Prakhar Rawal

(22 year old student, Nagpur, Maharashtra)

B.E. (Mechanical), BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

It was a wonderful experience to volunteering your NGO, which is working in the conservation field since 1992. The work you do is really helpful for the betterment of our future. It's been my pleasure to work with you on the most intense and important subject in the field of conservation, and that is PangolinConservation. From learning animal behavior, data analysis, data uploading, and fieldwork, we did it all. The staff and seniors working in SNM was very friendly and supportive. They not only helped me and my friend in all the problems but taught us how to work in the office and in the field. Bhau Katdare Sir told me how the NGO works and inspired me to work on my own. People like Bhau and SNM will always keep inspiring young talents like me. I would love to carry on the knowledge to future generations. I never felt as a volunteer. All the seniors of SNM and Bhau felt like a family. The way they all are dedicated to their work is quite noticeable. The work you do on the ground level, educating children's and spreading awareness among villagers is very important. From Birds, Turtles, Wild Cats to Pangolins, you have all in your list. Which makes you different from all NGO's. There are many NGO's who just sits in an AC cabin and discuss conservation, rather than going in a field. You are among those NGO's who believe in reaching villagers and going on the field. A true down to earth NGO. I wish you good luck in the future. Hope you achieve all you deserve.

- AkshayPravinPatil


Sr. No.

Award Name




Vasantrao Naik Puraskar

Vasantrao Naik Krushi Sanshodhan &  Gramin Vikas Pratisthan Mumbai.

1st Jul. 2013


Samajik Gourav Puraskar

URL Foundation, Mumbai

29th May 2013


Wildlife Conservation Award

Carl Zeiss India

23rd Mar. 2013


Ananya Sanman

Zee 24 Tas

4th Feb. 2011


Wildlife Service Award

Sanctuary RBS

29th Jan. 2008


Konkan Bhushan Puraskar

Kokan Bhumi Pratisthan, Mumbai

10th May 2008


Sahajeevan Purskar

Late. Anandibai Cchagan Sura Memorial Trust, Khed

4th Apr. 2008


Vasundhara Mitra Purskar

Vasundhara International Film Festival, Pune

Mar. 2008


Prani – Pakshi Sahayyak Award

Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat Mangal Sanstha

28th Oct. 2007


Maruti Chittampalli Nisarga Mitra Award

Adventure Foundation, Pune

Oct. 2006


Late. Vivek Paranjpe Jeevan Award

Paranjpe Prathisthan, Pune

Sep. 2006


Environment Awareness Award

Vithal Kamat (Hotel Orchid)

8 Sep.2006


Jagdish Godbole Jeevan Award

Western Ghat Bachav Samiti, Pune


Our Volunteers

Looking forward to Volunteer with Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra?

If yes, please go through the points mentioned below



We look out for individuals having a keen interest and curious minds in wildlife and environmental conservation to work as volunteers with us. Please note that we are currently focusing our efforts on Pangolin Conservation and propagation. SNM will not provide any stipend to the individuals during the period of volunteering. Volunteers have to bear all the expenses. Please check out the following points to evaluate whether you fit in our criteria of volunteering.



  • Age:
    Any individual of or above 18 years with a genuine interest may work as a volunteer with SNM. In case you are fascinated by our work but your age is less than 18 years, prior written permission from your parents or guardians is necessary. There is no upper age limit provided you are physically fit and are enthusiastic towards volunteering activities.
  • Educational background:
    Students with diverse educational background are encouraged to work as volunteers as long as they have an ability to work in collaborative environment and at times work independently to achieve the pre-defined goals. Working professionals may also be considered provided their areas of interest match with the SNM’s requirement and availability of work at that point of time.
  • Volunteering duration:
    The individual must be able to dedicate at least one week (a minimum of 6-8 hours daily) for the organization. However, there are no restrictions on the maximum duration for volunteering with us.
  • Language proficiency: 
    The individual must be fluent in spoken and written Marathi if interested to work on field along with the local communities. We welcome candidates with proficiency in spoken as well as written English and Hindi for our work on documentation aspects. 

Work involved

  • The office work would involve general office administration, maintaining the e-library of photos as well as a library of references and some field guides and some work pertaining to data entry of the ongoing projects.
  • You may be asked to maintain the AV library as well.
  • SNM regularly conducts field studies in the coastal regions of Maharashtra as well as in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges. If you are interested to join the team working on the field, prior field experience and an ability to survive on the field under basic conditions is a must. You may be asked to collect some field data or interview a few locals for the organization’s research purposes. You may also be asked to provide logistic support during various awareness campaigns conducted by SNM.
  • Initially, the travel (to and fro from hometown and the local travel), food and accommodation expenses incurred during the volunteering shall be borne entirely by the individuals, if working at the SNM’s office. However, SNM’s staff will guide you for reaching the Chiplun office and places of accommodation nearby. If working on the field, the costs of local travel, food, and accommodation would be taken care of. Depending on your potential, dedicated efforts towards the work and an ability to commit for the long-term duration, SNM may later pay for your local travel, food and accommodation expenses.
  • The individual should be completely devoted to the work assigned to him/her and should finish it within the given time frame.
  • SNM will not provide any stipend to the individuals during the period of volunteering.


In case you feel that you fit in the above criteria,
please feel free to fill this

Volunteer Application form

If our team perceives your eligibility, we would further communicate about it.

SNM always welcomes innovative ideas from anyone for their projects. If you have any such ideas for protecting our environment, please feel free to share them along with your detailed CV and contact details. We look forward to welcome you aboard to start with a beautiful yet challenging journey of environmental conservation.

Please read :: General code of conduct for the volunteers of SNM >>>