हा लेख मराठीतून येथे वाचा 

Globally increasing waste question is taking a very serious turn. The problem of waste management is increasing day by day in Chiplun.

Since the last 27 years, Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra working in the field of Biodiversity conservation has started to work on waste management glitches. After the base and initial study of solid waste management in Chiplun, We have started work towards a waste-free society.

Uday Pandit secretary of Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra has conveyed the concept to the President and Secretary Mr. Rajesh Pathare and Mr. Prakash Kadam of 69 flat society Kiran Vihar Sankul about waste management.

In principle, upon approval from all the members of the society questions about waste is raised within the community and discussed with the community their suggestions were taken into consideration. The entire society member enthusiastically ready to initiate society solid waste management on 8th December 2019 we initiated Society waste management.

Four tanks,  3X3X6 feet and 1.5 mm plate tanks were made and coated with FRP from inside. At the bottom of the tank, the outlet drain was placed to allow water to drain out from the tank. In all the tanks bricks, stones, coir, dry leaves, and biodegraded compost were used to create the composting beds. The tank capacity is a 20 Kg of wet biodegradable waste every day into the tank to convert into the compost.   

On Sunday 16th December 2019 society has begun dumping their wet biodegradable waste into the Society Composting tank. It’s the first-ever initiative across the Chiplun block of Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra, India. In this first-ever initiative Kiran vihar complex society member, each household of the society and Chiplun municipal corporation enthusiastically participated and supported. Technical support for composting is being received from Inora Biotech, Pune.

Those who interested in implementing waste management in rural or urban region of Chiplun and in other places of Konkan should we visit at the project site. Interested one can contact Uday Pandit 9881575033 and  Bhau Katdare 9423831700